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Meet new people, find amazing content, discover your community.GoPlay is a Content Delivery Platform that serves a varie

Meet new people, find amazing content, discover your community.
GoPlay is a Content Delivery Platform that serves a variety of live streaming content, movies and series. On GoPlay, you can find a variety of live streaming content ranging from music, games, concerts, inspiring talk shows, cooking shows, quizzes with prizes, to chatting and having fun with your favorite content creator or artist. Not only watching live streaming from GoPlay creator content, you can also make your own live stream and be famous!.
Why GoPlay? There’s a bunch of features that you can use as a content creator on GoPlay! You can build a community with your audience, selling while you are live streaming, and even earn income from virtual gifts that your audiences give to you. On GoPlay, your streaming will be done in real-time, where all interactions that occur between you and your viewers can happen very quickly, you can also use and take advantage of all existing interactive features to improve your streaming performance.
While you’re watching, GoPlay has a myriad of features that you can use:
• Not only watching the live streaming, you can also chat with your favorite artists through the live chat feature.
• You’re buying virtual gifts for artists? Not anymore! Just enter your tokens – making transactions so quick & easy, you don’t miss a moment from your GoPlay Live.
• You can also take quizzes and win lots of prizes, one of which is a GoPay!
• If you open the GoPlay app every day, you will get a daily token bonus for sending virtual gifts.
Not enough? More NEW GoPlay features are getting more sophisticated
• With a new look that can instantly scroll down, it’s even easier for you to find your favorite live show and artists! You can search for live events and the upcoming shows at any time, while you wait your favorite artist to go live, you can also watch other live streaming.
• Now you can follow your favorite artists and be notified immediately when they stream. So you won’t miss any of their shows.
• But, if you do miss the shows, don’t worry! you can always watch it again because now there is also a recorded show feature.
• GoPlay Search feature is now more complete in displaying search results in the search field. You can immediately search for what you want to watch, from live streaming of your favorite creator content, movies, to your favorite series.
• Now you can sort out the live shows you want to watch with genre filter feature. Do you want to watch live music shows? Easy peasy! You just have to set it in the new filter genre feature.
Are you a JKT48 fan? On GoPlay you can watch JKT48 all you want, from them playing games to discussing romance. And for those of you who like to play games, you can watch and even play with Mobile Legends, Valorant, and GTA games with your favorite creators.
In addition, you can also watch movies, series from various countries, such as Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and other international countries. Not only that, you can also watch original content from GoPlay creators themselves! Yes, that’s a lot of things to enjoy on-the-go. Imagine, if you’re going to a deserted beach – which doesn’t offer a WiFi – what do you do? Don’t panic! you can download your favorite show beforehand.
Don’t wait if you can’t! Let’s explore the exciting new world of entertainment here.
Ready, Set, GoPlay!

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